I understand that there is a lot of people in the country being effected by this Corona-virus pandemic. Either by lack of business, health issues, or loss of jobs. I pray for all of us to come out of this quickly!For those who have ordered with us or plan too, all the items are made to order and custom made by hand. 

We take payment up from, and once completed we ship you your newly crafted item straight to you.We do not offer refunds of any kind once payment has been received (This is stated on our website under "Swordslinger Custom Holsters Terms & Conditions" on our About page). I understand there is a lot of financially issues going around right now, but we are a small family business and can't afford to give everyone a refund that has been effected by this virus. You will get your order once complete, nothing has changed there. We are still in the shop working to get your orders out ASAP.

We truly appreciate all your business during this hard time and in the past. It allows me to support my family while doing what I love.

Thank you Matthew Dyer